All about Jake!

Since I haven’t really done a post about Jake in a while I thought I would do a run down on him and everything that he is inimage (4)to as he approaches 8 months (I can not believe how quick the time has gone!)

In the last week or so Jake has started crawling, it is quite unbelievable how quickly he progressed from randomly moving forwards every now and again, usually without intention. To whizzing around the living room, pinging between hot radiators and draws that he isn’t supposed to open! I don’t even have any photo’s of him in action as I’m too busy chasing around after him.

There are two other things that the little man is particularly enjoying at the moment, these are being naked and sitting in a plastic box!

Yes, really, the boy never smiles as much as he does when you take his clothes off him, either to have a bath (his favourite as there is prolonged nakedness) getting ready for bed, or one of our daily outfit changes after he’s been sick too many times on his current outfit. I’m really looking forward to summer, when we can get a paddling pool, strip him off and let him go wild!

image (3)

His other favourite pass time we discovered during the house move, as we had a lot of box’s kicking around.  I was trying to hang some washing out and having a difficult time keeping Jake in one place while I did it, he happened to be sat by a large plastic tub, so inspiration struck me as I thought “it would be a lot easier if the baby was in the box” so I put him in, and he loved it! I don’t know why but he had a whale of a time.

Jake is still enjoying his food and so far has eaten everything he has been presented with. I’ve tried to expand his tastes a bit this week so I’ve just been giving him whatever Jamie and I have been having as opposed to giving him something different. So far he’s had spaghetti bolognaise, quiche and new potato’s and even curry!

Its hard to believe how much my little boy has grown and changed in the last 8 months!


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