Am I wrong to want a free prescription for my child?

This morning I took Jake to the doctors as he is constantly being sick, I’m talking 20 plus times a day! So I’m starting to worry that he has a problem with reflux or a milk allergy ect.

After talking to the doctor he told me we should treat it for reflux first and take it from there. If this doesn’t work he then told me to “pick up some infant gaviscon” from the pharmacy on my way out. I asked him if I would need a prescription for this and he said no.

So I trotted off to the in surgery pharmacy and asked for the infant gaviscon, and was quite surprised when they asked me for £5 for it, I asked the pharmacist if this is correct as I thought medicine for children was free? And the doctor never told me he expected me to pay for it. She said it would only be free if the doctor had prescribed it. I went back to the reception desk of the doctors where the receptionist phoned the doctor and told him I needed a prescription.

After waiting 10 minutes the doctor came out into the reception area and said to me “you know you can buy this yourself don’t you?” I said yes but it’s £5 and I though prescriptions for children are free? He said ” yes, but we’ve been told not to prescribe free prescriptions to people if it is for something they can buy for themselves” he then said “but just this once I’ve done you the prescription”.

I’m really upset and confused by the way I was treated. I was made to feel like I was somehow cheating the system by asking for a prescription and trying to get something for free that I wasn’t entitled to?

I’ve always paid my taxes and national insurance and always thought one of the reasons for this is so that our children get free prescriptions?

There are loads of drugs people could buy over the counter that they are still given prescriptions for aren’t there? Isn’t the point of the NHS and prescription charges to help lower the cost of medicine to people or to provide it for free if they are entitled?

The doctor told me to give Jake the gaviscon for two weeks at every feed. After reading the instructions when i got home I have worked out one box of gaviscon will last us just three days. So for two weeks I will need five boxes of the stuff that’s £25! What if he needs it continuously until he can go onto cows milk?

To top it all off the doctor only actually gave me a prescription for 1 box! Should I go back and get a prescription for the other four boxes? Or am I in the wrong to expect free prescriptions for my child? Even on products that are available over the counter.

I’d really appreciate some feedback from this blog as to what other people think as I just don’t know if I’m being unreasonable or not?

2 thoughts on “Am I wrong to want a free prescription for my child?

  1. Absolutely you are right. How utterly ridiculous and there may well have been a family who didn’t bother getting it because it would have cost them £25 for the duration. Either children get free medications or they don’t, shouldn’t be down to someone else’s moral compass.

  2. It does seem bizarre that this is the rule with your doctor’s surgery. I suppose it must be a budgetary thing, it certainly isn’t something we’ve come up against here. I’ve been prescribed OTC meds for my daughter and I’ve also bought them for her, dependent on the situation. But yes, what are we paying our taxes for, if there’s then a rule that counts us out of something that is being covered by tax payers money, that others are receiving, but not us?!

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