January recap and February goals

So here is the list of my January goals and an update on what was achieved:

Move House!!! – Yup we moved, we’re unpacked and we love it!

Go to Ikea – We haven’t done this yet as we decided we should paint first, so this will move to be a Feb goal

Go for a pram walk – Fail, the weather has been awful. So while I’ve taken Jake out in his pram, it hasn’t been for the purposes of just enjoying the great outdoors

Buy “sale items” for the new house – Yup, we’ve done this, we got two lovely bedspreads from Sainsbury’s in their clearance sale as well as a couple of mirrors for the bathrooms from Argos and some storage baskets from Morrison’s to organise some draws.

Go wedding dress shipping with my sister (her wedding not mine) We didn’t go shopping as she bought one online, but she tried it on at my house and it’s a keeper! ( very exciting)

Go to see I Frankenstein at the Cinema. Fail – we had to cash in all our babysitting chips for moving house so haven’t been able to have any other time away from Jake this month.

Cook toad in the hole – Fail – Just completely forgot to do this, no excuses!

And so to the February Goals!

Go to Ikea

Pain our bedroom and the office

Go out for Valentines day

Go to see Robocop at the cinema

Cut down the weekly shopping bills

Go for a family pram walk

Hopefully this is a slightly more realistic list this month, so we’ll see how we get on!

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