I love my dressing table!!

Is it weird that I love my dressing table so much??dressing table 1

I love having all my little bits of prettiness on display, in my own little corner of our room. Just looking at them all makes me feel instantly happier.

This is my new dressing table in our new house. Its a lovely indulgence as our bedroom is bigger I can fit in a bigger dressing table and therefore I have more space to display my things, and a whole draw for my hair / makeup / girly bits and bobs – which I spent far too much time organising over the weekend!
In a bit more detail, on the dresser itself I have an alarm clock and lamp (for practical reasons) I use two mug trees to hold my hair bands, necklaces, and bracelets. The jewellery box was a Christmas present which I LOVE as it holds all my favourite pieces of jewellery and the draws are big enough for me the items stored in their boxes, which is something that I like to do for my more expensive pieces. On top of my jewellery box is an earing holder which was another Christmas present, next to that is a tiny wooden elephant that I got in Thailand when I was travelling.

earing holderDo you have a little corner of your house that is just for you? What d you have in it?

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