Our New house – the before pictures!

First of all apologies for not being active on the blog for a few days, as you may be aware we moved house on Friday! We therefore had to have a few days “off the grid” while we waited for the internet to be installed. Now we’re up and running and connected to the big wide world I can give you a quick tour of our new house! (Can you tell I’m still very excited about it?)

This blog will serve as my “before” we did up the house and decorated pictures. So please be aware this is a real life how the house looks two days after moving in, no decorating has taken place, no pictures are hung and the furniture and ornaments are haphazardly arranged simply to create space and empty boxes’. Along with my little house tour I’ll tell you briefly of our plans for the house so that I can hold myself accountable to getting it all done : )

As you walk through the front door the living room is on the left, it has a lovely big bay window and double doors leading through to the dining room. The plan for this room is just a simple decorating job, new carpet and new blinds on the window, the furniture will be rearranged slightly as the bookcase is currently waiting to be moved into the dining room.

living room

From the living room is the dining room which you can go straight through to the conservatory or turn right into the kitchen. The fridge is currently in the dining room, as we are waiting to cut a chunk out of the kitchen work top before we can get the fridge into the kitchen. Again there won’t be much going on in the dining room, other then a lick of pain and some new curtains.

Next comes the kitchen, we’re really happy with the kitchen and our current kitchen accessories work really well with it, however the kitchen is 11 years old so it is a little bit dated. The long term plan will be to put in a new kitchen, we are contemplating removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room to make it more open plan but we have plenty of time to think about it. Off the kitchen there is also a utility room and downstairs toilet, which will also both be decorated over time.


Following the dining room is the conservatory. Our old house didn’t have a conservatory so everything in here currently is stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere in the house along with Jakes larger toys. The main thing we need to do in the conservatory is put a heater in as it is freezing! Other then that it will stay as a sitting room / play room.


As you go up the stairs their are three bedrooms and an office. The master bedroom has a beautiful large arched window. There is quite a lot we’d like to do to this room. We want to fully redecorate it, get new blinds and new bedroom furniture and a mirror.


The next room along is Jake’s room, this is probably the most complete room in the house, and doesn’t really need any work doing to it other then hanging a few pictures.

jakes room

After Jake’s room is the home office. Jamie works from home so the office is a really important room for us and Jamie has to spend so much time in it. The plan is to redecorate it and put in a lot more storage as well as a fish tank ( Jamie is desperate for a fish, I don’t know why?!)

The final bedroom is currently a spare room / laundry room/ dumping ground however long term when we have another baby this will be Jakes “big boy” room and his current room will be passed down to the baby. I’m really looking forward to decorating this room when the time comes.

So there you have it a quick overview of our new house. As we start decorating I’ll do more in-depth posts about each room as we get around to them.


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7 thoughts on “Our New house – the before pictures!

  1. Congratulations on the new house… and it definitely does not look like you have just moved in. Where have you hidden all the boxes and the mess? Mel #SpreadALittleHappiness

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