10 Tips to make moving house as easy as possible

As I may have mentioned once or twice we’re moving house this week! Yippee! : )

As a result of work commitments we have had to do the majority of our packing this weekend although we don’t actually move until Friday. The last time we moved house was over three years ago and we seem to have quadrupled our possessions I that time so packing has come as quite a shock. It’s amazing how much “stuff” you can accumulate without even realising it. Here is a list of the ten most useful pieces of house moving wisdom that I would impart:

1. Clear out your crap: Taking things that you are never going to use from one house to another is a big fast waste of time and energy. As soon as you sell your house start going through your entire house systematically sorting and clearing things out. As well as taking full bags to the book back, clothes bank and cardboard recycling we’ve also taken a car load to the tip. You’ll be surprised at how much unwanted stuff you have n our house and having to think of it cluttering up your beautiful new home helps to add a level of ruthlessness that you may not have had when it came to clearing out previously.

2. Start early: This applies to clearing out your crap and packing your belongings. The more time you have the more thought you can put into packing. Taking the time to think about how something will fit into your new home will help you decide if it is something you really need, and the more carefully you pack the easier it will be to unpack.

3. Label everything: It seems obvious but its important and immensely helpful to both you and your removers.

4. Plan where things will go. There of course will be a certain degree of moving your furniture around you new house to find out what works best, however it will be a lot quicker and easier if you take the time to think through a couple of places that you think will work best so you don’t end up getting your husband to move your very heavy bookcase around the house five times! Draw a floor plan of your new house and pencil in where you think you furniture will work best.

5. Delegate: Undoubtedly you’ll have a whole hoard of people helping you both pack and unpack your house. To make their time and yours as effective as possible delegate jobs to people. People would much rather be told what to put where then will nilly going through your stuff and randomly putting it somewhere only for you to come along five minutes later and move it.

6. Don’t pack your cleaning products until the very last minute. You will always find a cupboard that you forgot to clean or a patch of carpet that needs to be hovered so keep a small bag of essential cleaning products unpacked so that you can do any last minute cleaning jobs before you hand over your keys.

7. Get plenty of boxes and bags. This again may sound obvious but trust me think about how many boxes you need and then get an extra 20% as you always need more then you think. Also remember to get bags as well as boxes, things like bedding and towels will pack just as easily into bags which are easier to move.

8. Let your key services know your moving date ASAP: It takes time for your internet, phone line, sky TV etc. to be transferred to your new address to try to avail as little “down time” as possible.

9. Make sure your removers are insured for damage. Some removal companies will only pay you a standard price (£40 – £50) per item damaged unless you pay extra to increase their insurance liability. Personally I felt paying and extra £50 to our removers to ensure our goods were covered to their actual value as opposed to everything being worth £40 if it were broken was well worth it (I would just die if our very large TV was smashed and we were given a measly £40 for it!)

10. Don’t forget to clear out… The loft, the shed, the patio furniture and take your plant pots!

Other then that just try to stay calm and enjoy the process, after all this is one of those big special moments in life where your family starts a new adventure together.


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