January Goals

I realise that January is already half way over (though I have no idea how it has gone so quickly!?!) but every month the hubby and I write a list of goals for the month ahead. These are generally things we want to do in order to help motivate us and stop us have “I’m bored” or “We never do anything new” moments (admittedly these are getting fewer and further between with a little one in the house)

The list goes up on our kitchen pin board and at the end of the month we tick of what has been achieve(and sometimes roll things over to the following month). As we are late in doing the list this month and one of the items on the list will be move house (yipeee!) the list will be quite short, but its worth doing all the same. So here goes:

Move House!!!

Go to Ikea

Go for a pram walk

Buy “sale items” for the new house

Go wedding dress shipping with my sister (her wedding not mine)

Go to see I Frankenstein at the Cinema

Cook toad in the hole

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