Frustrations of a new blogger

So I’m starting to get to grips with how to write and publish the blog itself, with a lot of help from my tech savvy husband, and I have been researching how to help promote and establish your blog.

One of the main things everyone suggests is to use Twitter – something else I have no idea about!

I’ve set up a Twitter account (thelifeofwife1) and started following people and tweeting etc. and just as I start thinking that I was quite enjoying being on Twitter and it wasn’t as hard as I thought – it all stopped working! After some investigation as to why (from said tech savvy husband) it turns out my Twitter account as been suspended for apparently breaking the rules???

I have read the rules and am at a loss as to which one I have broken and am currently in the process of appealing with the Twitter powers that be to get my account up and running again. The whole process has been very frustrating and confusing not aided by the fact that Twitter is so faceless, so far all my communication with them has been via automated emails.  I have no idea when (if ever!) I will get this resolved so to my 18 followers I do apologise and to Twitter – I am not impressed!

7 thoughts on “Frustrations of a new blogger

  1. How strange, did they send you to Twitter jail? Too many follows in one go perhaps? Anyway good luck getting it sorted, Twitter is good for promoting your blog and generally networking with other bloggers 🙂

    • Yes they did send me to Twitter Jail – and without giving me a reason either! Thankfully as of tonight my account is now up and running again, though I am still none the wiser as to what I did wrong.

  2. Really strange – Twitter is a brilliant way to connect with other bloggers (plus, it’s just great full stop), but no idea why they would have suspended your account. Glad you’ve got it up and running again now and you’re out of Twitter jail!

    • You’ll never believe it but I’m back in twitter jail again! They un suspended my account for all of 5 hours last night and then suspended it again!! And they still haven’t told me why. I’m really not feeling the twitter love anymore : (

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