Conkers review – The one where I broke my toe!

In the summer my sister and I went with Jake for a day at Conkers. Conkers is basically an indoor and outdoor nature center celebrating everything that is wonderfull about the national Forrest.WP_20130817_001

Jake was only a few months old so was far to young to enjoy the visit but we took him in his pram and had no problem going round as the majority of the park as it is paved. The park itself is quite vast and is split into different zones with different types of things for you to enjoy. As well as having a couple of different restaurants and childrens play areas there is also a large indoor soft play that combines a play ground with interactive educational activities.

Our particular favourite area was a wooded area that had loads of pre chopped tree branches and sticks with the intent of them being used to make dens. We both thought this was brilliant, with much of our own childhood consisting of such pursuits. I can’t wait to bring Jake back when he is older so he can build a den. It was also really refreshing to see somewhere willing to let children play and explore in this manor without having to go health and saftey crazy and make them don a hard hat and high vis jacket before being let loose to play in the woods. We couldn’t resist taking this picture of Jake in his first den : ) though I have to admit we didn’t build it ourselves but utilised one someone had left behind.WP_20130817_013

The park also has a miniture rail way which links up the two main areas of the park. It is free to use and you can use it as often as you want which is great as it is quite an attraction in itself. Next to the area where you catch the train there is a very impressive looking children’s play ground proven to be popular by the fact that we saw a couple of different dads playing on the apparatuses with their children nowhere in sight!

The other area of the park I was particularly impressed with is the adult trim trail, and this is where my story begins…

I love this sort of thing and have always had an ambition to complete an army style assault course. So as soon as we saw the obstacles I just couldn’t resist I just had to go and have a little play and pose for some photos. The fact that I was wearing flip flops that were not at all suitable didn’t phase me at all (what an idiot).

I chose quite a simple looking beam that formed a bridge over a walkway, both sides of the beam had rope netting on either side so you couldn’t fall off, I made my way up fine, noting along the way that wet slippy wood and flip flops were not the best combination. So after posing for a quick photo : ) I took my flip flops off, intending to make the journey back bare footed. Within about two seconds I slipped, my foot went through the rope netting with four toes on one side and my poor little pinky toe going on the other – ouch! it was eye wateringly painfully. WP_20130817_022

I hobbled back to solid ground with my poor little toe sticking out at a right angle. I was then faced with a choice as to what to do as we were quite far away from anywhere that may be able to offer some sort of assistance eg ice, but really I knew what had to be done. It was quite obvious my toe was dislocated and or broken, so to the shock of my sister I calmly bent down and in one swift motion yanked my toe straight – double ouch! This enabled me to hobble to the closest restaurant and get an ice pack on my foot. And thus we had an abrupt end to our day out as my foot slowly turned purple.

Despite my little toe drama, I really did enjoyed our day at Conkers and will certainly be returning in the summer, but this time I’ll be wearing trainers!

One thought on “Conkers review – The one where I broke my toe!

  1. Aw, that sucks about your toe. My Husband broke his toe at soft play about a year ago and wouldn’t stop talking about it. I got daily updates about the colour of the bruise and he even put a picture of it on Facebook. He is a midden!!!
    Conkers seems nice though!

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